Alisia Marie F.C.
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Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter
— Martin Luther King Jr.


"Alisia creates a space of openness. She is caring and non judgmental and has also lived experiences in her life that has enabled a deep passion for her work with individuals. She is a positive role model and truly a pillar of strength".

 - sonia Lajaro

"Alisia's story is heart wrenching yet, her desire to help, empower and change the lives of others who have gone through abuse inspires each of us to see the 'big picture'. She shows the individual is stronger then what was done to them. Stronger then the pain and the fear. Alisia's example will change lives by showing that no matter what, you can be who you want to be with the willingness to believe in yourself".

- Jordan Guildford

"Having to know and see the effects of abuse on my family and not being able to stop it at a younger age was devastating. Watching what Alisia has become over the years, with completing school, getting a job, continuing her education and becoming an advocate for other women and men in her position is the most rewarding outcome I could have ever imagined. She has broke the vicious cycle amongst her family and I am so proud to call her my cousin and follow in her footsteps by doing the same.  Her experiences are a true tell tale sign that she has overcome pain and suffering and has put that all behind her and persevered and made her dreams become her reality".

- Asia.S

"I just read Alisia's website, and I am brimming with tears. She is such a beautiful, modest and humble individual beaming with the utmost of genuiety! She has, touched me in a way not many people have and I must say, thank you for being a representative and sharing your story (though I do not know it). The fact you even had the strength to talk, relive, preach and teach it is such a beautiful thing".

- malis kim