Alisia Marie F.C.
Be Politely Persistent All Day Everyday


In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity
— Albert Einstein

My why

Everyday I hope, and I wish that my SON will enjoy life to it's fullest with FAMILY and friends by his side. to appreciate the small wins in life. To me they equal the big wins. My CHOICES as a parent; are to strive to change the FUTURE one step at a time for my son and my family.
Throughout my chaotic life, I always in the end maintained a TOP sales position in the companies I have worked for. I AM a sales professional, that can teach you to STAY on top personally and professionally, I ACHIEVED this for 15 years and I am still going strong, less the Chaotic life now. I have been at the bottom barrel, and hit the pavement running all the way to very top.

My goal is to create a FOUNDATION for all the ENTREPRENEURS in the world who want help.  My WORD to you is simple. I will; listen to you, hear you, tell you when I see B.S. and most of all be there for you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and guide you the be SUCCESSFUL on your own. You have this in you, I see it. 



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  • Financial Coaching (budgeting, goal setting, saving)

I can help YOU. I can CREATE change!



The WORDS by other's WHO see me for ME


women in need

IHealing is a journey, as we know. It takes strength, courage, tenacity and grit to change what is embedded into our soul and make it better. I have found the right support network I need. I found myself. l looked within my soul and saw the past that I was ready to fight. I have been at rock bottom and I have been at the highest peak. I choose to stay at the highest peak. I choose to create the best version of myself for my family. A life that they deserve, that I deserve and a life that will allow our child a childhood he deserves. I want us to have everything I never had