Alisia Marie F.C.
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The past doesn’t define you
— unknown

As a child my Nanny, Grampy, Aunt Sheryl & Aunt Jackie took me under their wing,  I 100% believe that if they didn't I would not be here today. I would not have the values or morals that are instilled within me. That guidance came from them. They always showed me true compassion, love and support. My childhood had glimpses of hope and a little magic that allowed me to see the light afar. At times those memories impacted me more than the negatives. I love them with all my heart. To me they are my angels that were sent in from heaven to save me.

I remember the good times in my early years. We went on hikes, ate cheese curds, walks, a ton of fishing. I remember catching the biggest fish with my father. We rigged up a crazy hook and let it sink to the bottom of the lake. I reeled in the fish that had to of been 10 pounds. Those memories created my love for nature, hiking and fishing. The ability to work hard and pay your bills - those elements were drilled in by my father. For those qualities and those experiences, I thank you. 

I grew up where memories were created, positive and negative. The negative always followed the positive or vice versa. This has now forever tainted my future. My vision was limited as the knowledge around me was influenced with drugs, alcohol, violence and abuse. As I grew from a child to teenager, I realized if I wanted anything in life I was to get this myself. I started rebelling at the age of 13. I cyber bullied, was suspended a bunch of times in high school for fist fights. I was kicked off the cheer-leading team because of my fist fights - one of my passions gone.  I moved out at the age of 15, went on welfare to pay for rent, worked to pay for school supplies and clothes.  If you're a teenager and reading this, understand that I understand. I was bullied and I bullied; I was not liked one year, then I was liked the next year; I worked at fast food restaurants and I worked at bars in my late teens. There was not a lot of social media in my teens, but there were rumors, pictures and videos. I feel your pain, and I want you to know this. The one thing no one ever told me is to not let high school define you, will it matter in 4 years? It is a part of you yes, but there is so much more to life. You will be OK, you will survive, and you will succeed. You are smart, beautiful, funny and kind. 

I knew street smarts like no other. I survived most days because I had no choice not to. I graduated high school and put myself through college. The last few weeks of college I endured pain like no other. My mother lost her life because of another man. She was murdered.  She lasted in a coma for 2 weeks. I was 19 years old, her next of kin and made the decision that life support was no longer needed. Those were her last couple of days.

The path I then conquered was similar to my childhood. The life I was attracted to, as I felt at the time it would allow me peace and a connection to my mother. It led me the opposite. A connection to no one. A road of horrific and unforgettable situations that have changed my life today. Years later,  I became my own worst enemy. I was everything I never wanted to be, everything I hated. 

Once the dark road passed, I met my husband. A man that loved me for me. He saw through my past and saw the real me before I even could. A year before our son was born was the greatest year of all. A gift to live a new life. The day he was born, was the day the light to my life showed up. We started our own family and the love was real. Then again, my relationship with everyone turned. I didn't understand how to communicate, how to connect. I re-created relationships that I always promised I would not. The ones that were from my early years. One day I looked into my son's eyes, and knew deep down I had to take control. I had to end the 4 generational cycle of abuse. 

Healing is a journey, as we know. It takes strength, courage, tenacity and grit to change what is embedded into our soul and make it better. I have found the right support network I need. I found myself. l looked within my soul and saw the past that I was ready to fight. I have been at rock bottom and I have been at the highest peak. I choose to stay at the highest peak. I choose to create the best version of myself for my family. A life that they deserve, that I deserve and a life that will allow our child a childhood he deserves. I want us to have everything I never had. 

To me I have lived the life of a warrior. I want to help, to inspire, to empower and most of all to change. I might not be able to help everyone, but I can help someone.

She builds others up because she knows what it’s like to be torn down
— unknown

My How

From the bottom of my heart thank you for choosing to look at my website. I am truly honoured that you and I can spend time in the online world. 

How I got into Motivational Speaking is, to me, a miracle. I called a non-for-profit agency Gems for Gems that gave back to the community for Domestic Abused women. I asked to be a volunteer.  At the end of the conversation and with my limited time to offer as a volunteer, I wasn't able to help. As I was about to end the conversation,I was asked, "What's your story?" I asked , "Which one!?" I then gave a condensed version of what I have been through. I was then asked, "Are you open to new ideas?" I said yes, then I heard "Do you want to speak at my event, Zero to Hero in November 2017!" I almost fell over.

All my life I was always told you will never amount to anything. No one will ever listen to you, etc. For a person to listen to me for 15 minutes and see through all my past judgments and read in between the lines made my eyes swell with tears of joy, excitement, hurt and fear.  With the encouragement from my husband, our little one, family and friends I took the leap and here we are today! Thank you to everyone who saw the light in me.  You are all amazing!

In my life I have walked beside the devil; sank like a rock to the bottom of the ocean; experienced anger like Red Hulk; grieved in ways I would not wish for anyone. I have felt so alone.  I truly thought at one time it was only me and the higher powers to be. I've lost, and I have won. This has allowed me TRUE life experience to help others. I have a college education and I am currently enrolled with Athabasca University obtaining my 1st degree is Arts & Science. I may not have multiple degrees however, I do have 100% authenticity and I can understand something you have gone through. I am as real as real comes - down to earth. I might talk your ear off or slightly offend you. I will always tell you how it is, blunt and to the point. Life is too short for crap and I truly hope everyone I meet can allow me the same openness and honesty. 

Today, I have a website, a company and a creative partnership with multiple entrepreneurs over the last year. I have confidence that I can help others.

The photo of Niagara Falls is when I chose to be my true self. Therefore,  I decided to have this picture as my main banner. 

fun facts about alisia

  • I absolutely love hiking with my husband and son! My favorite experience while we hike is watching R climb up on the rocks 'yelling he made it to the top'. The energy is so refreshing.
  • I will at anytime go for a coffee or tea (as long as I have a few minutes, if not I bring my son everywhere), this I always truly make time for. I believe that in these little moments the best relationships are made. 
  • My inspiration comes from my son, and from all the books I read. They really lit a fire within me. To date my top 3 books are:
    1)  The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari
    2) The Richest Man in Babylon 
    3) The Soul of Money
  • The one thing my family also loves is to try new restaurants. We mostly ask our son "Where do you want to go?" We give him 3 options and let him pick, this is because we want him to feel included in our choices as a family! His vocabulary for restaurants is always building :) Our top spot to date is:
    1 ) River Cafe - We went there for my birthday, our experience was amazing. We chose to eat the CHEF'S TASTING MENU, it was the most amazing experience!
  • I also 100% love all holidays, especially Christmas. The magic that can be created in this holiday is to me what brings happiness. The magic to us is more important than presents. In my short experience as a parent so far (our little guy is 4 ) the presents come and go, but the magic is what stays and is what is talked about. For us, it isn't the $100.00 remote control car that was played with, it is the cookies, carrots and milk that is left out for Santa and his reindeer.
  • Last but not least, my son's drawings! Please see below. This is his first online doodle and I absolutely love it!
    (Please note I am not telling anyone they must believe in anything, eat anywhere or read anything, this is only mine and my family's experience so please if this doesn't fit for you and your family please do not take it.)
 R's first picture online drawing!

R's first picture online drawing!