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The 4 Generational Testament

The 4 Generational Testament

I, Carol M P, was born in 1941. My mother was born in 1900 and my father was born in 1890. My one daughter Robin L S was born in 1967 – June 22, 2006 Deceased (may God bless her soul) had a daughter, who is my grand daughter Alisia Marie she was born in 1986.

I hereby confirm to my knowledge that Domestic Abuse was a part of all our lives for all 4 generations that are listed here today. My mother and father who were a part of Domestic Abuse, I, Carol M P was a victim of Domestic Abuse, my daughter Robin L S was a victim of Domestic Abuse and my grand daughter Alisia Marie was a victim of Domestic Abuse.

I hereby confirm that my grand daughter Alisia Marie has stopped the vicious cycle of Domestic Abuse for her family, that stems back 4 generations. This varied from Sexual, Emotional, Physical, Financial and Mental Abuse. The experience our family went through was horrific and unjustifiable. The cycle has finally come to an end, hopefully this will enable other individuals to come forth and realize that abuse comes in many different shapes and forms. Through our families ‘experience, I pray with all my heart that this Four Generations Testament may bring hope to others as I wished my daughter could have received the hope, but for her it was to late.
In my daughter’s memory, “Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free”.


Carol M P





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