Alisia Marie F.C.
Be Politely Persistent All Day Everyday


By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.
 Photo by  Riana Lisbeth

I am a Sales Professional. I have spent the last 10 years in corporate sales and I still am in the race. In the last 5 years I have excelled in my profession and broken company records for sales. I am also a motivational speaker for Domestic Abuse, Addictions and Grief.

To me, I have lived the life of a warrior. I have 20 years life experience that allows me to understand life's challenges, breaking points, rock bottoms and rising above. If you want to be empowered, enlightened, experience the mini goosebumps, you're almost there.  If YOU feel I can help enlighten, motivate or light up the room in a way it needs to be -  even conquer a high school assembly - I ask this of you, contact me. Let's have a conversation to see if your needs are something I can meet. If not, I can point you in the right direction.  I may not be able to help everyone but I can help someone. 

Feedback or suggestions are always welcome.

You can also visit my Facebook Page for upcoming talks, events and workshops.  I would love if you filled out the form below.  In today's world I feel we lack communication. If we put in 2 seconds more of an effort I truly believe the world would be a little bit better. The balance of life is a challenge. Together we can all help one another.

There are two options below for hiring me. Speaking or Sales Training. Please choose which one fit's your needs. There is an option to contact me for general inquiries as well.